I’m currently reflecting in my own bed for the last time in what will be a long time. A year ago today I was in the warm beach city of Nha Trang, Vietnam and had no thoughts of home. As I prepare to head to Copenhagen I know the weather has been about the same as Indiana and that gives me a bit of comfort. I know I will be reminded of home. Besides the weather, everything about the next four months has seemed so far away. Copenhagen resembles a stranger that I have yet to meet. I know a lot about what my semester will look like, but it still feels unreal.

At DIS there are core courses and elective courses. Often individuals chose a core course that aligns with their field of study at their home universities. Some, however, chose to branch out. My core course incorporates a case study involving glaciers in Iceland. I’m excited about this core because it integrates actual human impact scenarios and climate change. DIS incorporates field study trips within the semester so we will visit many different places that supplement the course. Aside from my interest, this course will count towards my Environmental Geoscience degree at DePauw University. Whoo graduating on time!!

I have spent the past few weeks saying my final goodbyes to friends and family (yes, I know it sounds like I’m going away forever). A lot of DePauw students study abroad and the majority of those students study abroad during the spring semester of their junior year. A good chunk of us will embark on our own little study abroad adventures and its pretty cool to see and hear about everyone’s experiences. I’ve probably had some sort of shared food related goodbyes with at least 20 of my closest friends to prepare for the 5 months of separation. I’m sad, but also anxious, to get started on my own endeavors.

I’ve also been preparing for the actual journey. I continuously fight against my urge to over prepare and my hate of having too much stuff. I have settled on one checked bag and reluctantly a carry on along with my backpack. I don’t think the trip will be too hard as I enjoy a long ride, but I’m extremely worried about navigating through.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 9.34.05 pm

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