I’ve been thinking of all the ways to begin this blog because so much has happened. I should probably start with first impressions of Denmark. It’s completely not what I expected, yet exactly what I expected. Even though the city is quiet it is also very busy. It doesn’t feel desolate or anything, but I also don’t feel as if I’m in the middle of a huge crowd.

I think my housing situation is going to be the most impactful part of my stay in Denmark. Do you know when you just click with a group of people? That’s how I feel about my floor on the green LLC. There are so many different personalities but we all have a common trait that is hard to explain. Maybe it was our eagerness to establish house rules and chores. Maybe it was our mutual love of staying home and snacking on discounted Brie. Whatever it is, I find myself effortlessly spending time with my new home and my new family.

We also enjoy doing activities together. We’ve gone grocery shopping together, supply shopping together, we’ve visited Nyhaven and the botanical gardens and we’ve bikes together. I almost feel like we’ve spent too much time together for the first weeks so I’m eager to set up some alone time. Nyhaven was as beautiful as google images presented it to be. We were also lucky because many tourists don’t visit it during the winter season. I was also surprised at how small it was. I had about the same reaction to the botanical garden, but the weather really put a damper on what we could see outside for free. The palm house, however, was really warm and I appreciated the amount of mineral they had out with the succulents. It reminded me that I needed to see the geology museum.

Now feel free to ignore this part, but I’m going to talk about two food adventures. One good and one bad to balance each other out. After the botanical gardens, we (I) decided we wanted hot dogs from Pølsevogn. After walking around for several minutes and wandering around the glass market for what felt like years we realized we were looking at the wrong place. After almost going to the corporate office of one of the Pølsevogns and finding ourselves in a public restroom we realized the hotdog stand didn’t exist anymore. Instead, we just got hotdogs from 7 eleven.
Hotdog: 1, Joe: 0.

On the flip side, one of my housemates and myself walked a little bit from our street and found a really good and cheap pizza place called Pizzeria Florentina. We want to make it our go-to pizza place because there are so many different options. It also only cost around 8 for a whole pizza!!

Classes at DIS, however, have been a bit of a different experience. DIS has had us do a lot in the first week such as the opening ceremony, book pickup, and tours around the campus. I think with jet lag all of the activities started to blur. I’m very interested in my classes so far and really appreciate my professors but I’m kind of worried about the prevalence if “oral exams” on so many syllabi.

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