This weekend I took my first official trip outside of Copenhagen. Yes I know I went to Malmo earlier, but that was only a short bus ride. I actually boarded a plane and went through security for this trip to Vienna. One of my housemates was nice enough to invite me with her friends to visit a city that in all joe art I would not have thought to go before. I’m extremely happy I did because not only did I learn a few things about myself but I also feel a bit more confident actually doing things by myself abroad. 

The highlight of the trip was truly the Alps so I’m going, to begin with, that. The really high up Alps are in another city and the ones that are featured in the sound of music are in Strasbourg. Because of logistical reasons and just overall freedoms, we went to the RAX Alps and that was truly the best decision. We could walk around all we wanted, we didn’t have to rent anything and the views were absolutely breathtaking. I also think that because it was an offseason and not as popular of a place, we were the only Americans there. I just had to take a moment to sit and admire the vastness of the mountains. Truly the cost and time it took to get there were worth it. I also use to love the sound of music and I very much did stand on the side of the mountain and listen to a few songs of the sound of music soundtrack. 

In the actual city, there was so much to see but I really enjoyed the Schoenberg palace. It was massive and it was so unlike any palace I’ve seen before. The gardens are free and are pretty large. It blows my mind that people actually use to live there.

A few other things I liked was the cafes and the Christmas market. There was so much to see and there was ice skating. I didn’t ice skate but I loved seeing the decorations. Did not love couples…..

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 6.19.30 PM

We went to this cafe that Freud use to study at as well as a few other famous Austrians. This cafe was the culmination of the outer worldly part of the trip for me. 

         We also struck a conversation with this random guy on the street and he started talking about how he’s a healer and reads auras. This led us to hear about how one of the girls with me got a card from another stranger that said: “this is not a dream”. The card was very plain and simple, but it was to help distinguish between what is reality and what are dreams. If it was a dream the card would not look like it did. The spooky part is that she said she had a dream where she saw the card and it was distorted and said this is a dream. Rationally it may have just been a subconscious thing, but I learned that Vienna is not only the city of music but the city of dreams because if Freud. With all the encounters that weekend everything culminated at the cafe where Freud once worked from. It was a pretty experience in all honestly albeit a bit spooky. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 6.19.18 PM

Some things that I realized about myself during this trip were: 

I really need nature and cannot be in a city too long. I know u mentioned in a previous post that I had nostalgia being in the woods but now I realize it is a need. It’s good to know when figuring out where I want to live when I graduate. 

Another thing u learned is that I really do like people and making relationships even if they won’t last. I find myself connecting to almost everyone in some way and actually like talking to people and being friendly.  Even though it seems trendy now to pretend to hate people, I think that everyone is super interesting to talk to. 

The last thing I learned was that I do have the ability to say no and that I do need a little time for myself in most extended circumstance. 

Some observations: 

The first thing that I was told by an Austrian living in the city was that Austrians are a little jealous of Germans. I never understood that but as I talked to more people I kind of understood what he meant. Another thing everyone was soooo friendly to Americans. Especially the older generation. On the Alps, they all genuinely smiled at us as we were walking around and offered us help and to take our pictures. The same goes with the vibe city center. I really think that only added to the city. 

In comparison to Copenhagen Vienna seems like the older aunt that really values what things use to be. I only say that because if all the magnificent architecture and sculptures. It felt like every place I looked had some sort of deceiving building!!

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