This weekend has been the first real experience is culture shock I have ever really had. I like to live my life thinking that humans aren’t all that different. I don’t think that there’s much to how we interact with each other and live our lives that can’t be understood by one another. That being said, I do think there are times when having grown up in an area affects how well we can navigate these minute differences. 

So we started the day with my green LLC biking to Østerbro. I don’t know why this was a particularly green city, but the bike ride was cool and for once I actually felt safe going through traffic. After a bike ride, we found ourselves in a swimming pool which I would compare to a YMCA. You could image my excitement when I got the opportunity to swim in the middle of winter. Something I would not usually get or chose to do (lol). The inside was very pretty and the most important is that everything was very warm. I understand why people go swimming now at 30 degrees.

This is where things get different. One must strip down and wash themselves all the way down before going into the pool because of how sanitary things must be in the pool. They don’t use as many chemicals so it’s important that going in clean. We understood this so we chose not to go into the pool. However, we could not find the sauna and asked questions from the lifeguard. While there, we were given a chat and told we had to follow the rules due to the culture and had to rewash ourselves and do it correctly. It was made sure we did it correctly. Afterward, we just went into the sauna and overall had a good rest of the day in the pool house.

What I took from this was to just be more intentional with other cultures. While even thought it was important to stay comfortable I think we needed to be ready to encounter different reactions

We also went to the most sustainable restaurant in Copenhagen called soul today and for someone who doesn’t like veggies, it was really gooooooddd.

I also appreciated this trip because it was the first time we really had the chance to interact with the rest of the green LLC. I love the idea of living in a green LLC, but sometimes I feel like I only interact with my floor. Even though I think we have different personalities, I like it when we interact.

Lastly, we went to a little flea market. The flea market felt very much like a community event where individuals came to not only buy but to hang out. I bought two things and spent only around $15. Overall it was a pretty cool way to see ways to be green in Copenhagen.

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