I  feel like I should make a separate post about my time in Malmö, Sweden because it was actually life-changing. This is not going to be the typical study abroad life-changing post. It was one of the most surreal out-of-body experiences I’ve had in probably ever.

Before I start, it’s important to note that Malmö is about a 45 min bus ride from Copenhagen. There’s a really cool bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden and it cost around $10 round trip to go. We decided to stay overnight even though most DIS students only go for the day because we wanted to see how the city was at night.  I think the decision to stay the night is what causes the domino effect of events. As we were driving the bus driver had a very eerie low voice and talked for about 10 minutes while we drove through an uncomfortably long tunnel. When we passed customs a passenger was escorted off of the bus for what I assume not having the right kind of identification. (Students always brings your passport no matter how close)

The city itself, at only 8pm, was quiet. There were barely people on the streets and not a lot of signs of movement. Our Airbnb was 15 minutes from the city center and looked exactly like an apartment complex is (insert African part of Minneapolis or Maryland). No one really populated the area and we got very ominous vibes. On the flip side, there was really cheap food and groceries, but everything else was surreal.

In the morning as we waited for the bus stop it was very overcast which didn’t help with our feelings of eeriness. There were also ravens and loud clicking coming from the meters on the street. We ventured to a mall and there were around 5 guards protecting a line to one store that had a sale.

After migrating a bit more into the city center Malmo started to look a lot like Copenhagen. There were older buildings with colors and statues and shops. Because we were in Sweden and because we had seen many different faces of Malmö we decided to go to IKEA.

IKEA in Sweden is another experience in itself and yes I would recommend going all the way to Sweden to go to IKEA. Did a bunch of 20 something-year-olds walks around and see every section/display within the 2 floors of IKEA? Yes. Did we regret it? No. There was also a pretty big restaurant and I got Swedish meatballs. I don’t want to get super sentimental, but meatballs have a special place in my heart. They’re versatile yet so simple. The Swedish meatballs were Much different from the meatballs I’ve had at home (home cooked) but the sauce did really give it a little something extra.

I’m going to do an actual post about what I did the rest of the week I just thought it was important to highlight this trip and also so I wouldn’t forget a single moment of my unique experience with Malmö.



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